Who We Are

Celeebrate Us Workforce Training LLC is a “jobs” program with comprehensive training and retention as its priority. Located on the beautiful campus of the University of Baltimore, CBU is a platform that allows participants to achieve work success as well as academic success. In addition to workforce training and job placement, program participants can also attain their high school diploma.

The CBU curriculum is centered on 12 core competencies that improves the work experience and strengthen job retention. These core competencies transcend all industries and when followed and practiced, will provide program participants with the foundation and employment stability needed to progress. These competencies are:

1) Teamwork

2) Communication

3) Adaptability

4) Reliability

5) Motivation

6) Integrity

7) Decision Making

8) Work Standards

9) Problem Solving

10) Stress Tolerance

11) Initiative

12) Organizing

CBU is proud of its pipeline relationships as well as its collaborative partnerships with companies and organizations throughout Baltimore City.

CBU is proud of its collaborative partnerships. Coca Cola Consolidated Baltimore facilitate three industry recognized training programs. All trainings are conducted by Coca Cola Consolidated certified trainers. In addition, trainers are also hiring managers for the positions attached to the training modules. Below are the training offerings.

  • Certified Forklift Operator
  • QA Lab Technician
  • Product Line Assistant

Sinai Hospital, Northwest, and Levindale are all proud Lifebridge Health participating hospitals. CBU is proud to have a collaborative partnership with our CMT (Certified Med Technician) Training programs.

Healthcare Access Maryland (HCAM) is a comprehensive non-profit organization that offer a multitude of services to the citizens of Baltimore. HCAM provide care coordination for medical assistance recipients WIC services to expectant mothers and families with children under age 5 and a rapid rehousing program for the city’s homeless population. CBU Workforce Training is proud to have a collaborative partnership with HCAM that covers two platforms. CBU Workforce Training has a jobs retention program called “Fit for Work”. This program is designed for existing employees who need support and engagement in order to have a better work experience. It’s a reengagement platform for workers who have had multiple write-ups, complaints and disruption to the workplace. Program participants spend two weeks at CBU with learning modules on workplace appropriateness, improving coping skills and practicing emotional control. CBU also has a platform with HCAM to staff 8 area hospitals with Peer Support staff for individuals entering ER rooms.

The National Center on Institutional Alternatives is an organization that prides itself on an innovative approach to the correctional system for both adult and youth. NCIA has both youth and adult residential services as well as a school. CBU provides NCIA with qualified and passionate CMT graduates upon completion.

Quest Dental is a long standing dental practice that has served the citizens of Baltimore for over 30 years. Owned by renowned Dentist Dr. Kathleen Collier, CBU is proud to offer an innovative dental assistance training program with the focus of the patient experience and the dental practices insurance billing platform. The training encompasses front of the house excellence with a 5-star customer service training module and the Dentrix insurance billing training. Dentrix is the gold standard medical billing software used by dental practices all over the country. Students will learn claims processing, aging report reconciliation and claims resubmission protocols. In addition, students will learn how to enhance the patient experience by learning the 5-star Customer Service Training Module.